01 September de 2017
Marcos Pastor finishes in third position at Qujing and gets the access to the Ironmn world championship
The triathlete from Valencia was the third to cross the goal last Sunday 27th August at the race disputed at Qujing (China), divided in 1,9 km swimming, 90 km on the bike and 21 km running, only behind the Venezuelan Ricardo Urbina and the Chinese Qi Dang. No doubt, a reward to the effort and dedication of Marcos, who recently recovered from an injury that had left him out of the high competition for 8 months.
With this result, Marcos Pastor achieved his presence at the Ironman world championship that will be disputed at Kona (Hawaii), even though the sportsman has rejected going to this competition and will dispute instead the championship that will be celebrated in 2018 in South Africa. The triathlete wanted to reward the inconditional support of his children choosing a destination that seduced his family more. A decision that honors you, Marcos!
According to Marcos himself, one of the keys was the nutrition during the whole day, starting with a complete and plenty breakfast and continuing with a properly studied plan of energy supply next to the specialist Javi Guerrero and perfectly executed by the athlete himself. This prevision hekped him to combat the extreme conditions of the race: 2.000 meters of altitude and its consequent reduction of available oxygene, a dip of 1.000 positive meters in the bike path, 95% of humidity and high temperatures.
From Quinua Real we want to congratulate Marcos, who we support from 2016 with his Ecovegan Challenge 226, an initiative in which the triathlete shows with facts the benefits of a feeding exclusively composed by vegetal origin foods in the high competition sport practice.
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