08 January de 2016
New mini drinks from Quinua Real!
Quinua Real launches in the market two new vegetable drinks in a 200 ml format: one mini drink made of rice, quinoa and cocoa and also adapted to this mini format is the quinoa and rice liter drink. 
The new mini drinks break into the market after the success of the Quinua Real and rice drink, an alternative to other vegetable or dairy drinks which is vegan, gluten free and with a high nutritional value. The new 200ml format is ideal for the smallest person in the house or to take to work, hiking or wherever you want.
The Quinua Real and rice mini drink has the same delicate flavor as the liter drink but in a format of 200 ml to drink at any time. Produced from water, quinoa real, rice, cold pressed sunflower oil and sea salt, the Quinua Real and rice drink contains no preservatives or colorings and no added sugars. It is lactose and gluten free.
The Quinua Real, rice and cocoa mini drink is certainly a novelty in the beverage range. To the smooth and exquisite flavor of Quinua Real and rice, is added pure cocoa to achieve this delicious blend. With natural ingredients and sweetened with rice syrup, to avoid the refined sugars found in most chocolate drinks, it is an ideal snack or breakfast for the little ones in the house as well as the not so little ones. A highly nutritious drink which is gluten and lactose free.
Both packages incorporate straws and have become the most practical way to take the drink anywhere, anytime. Starting this month, they can be found at specialized BIO stores and supermarkets such as Alcampo, in the organic products section.
A handmade process
Obtaining the quinua real and rice drink follows a process patented by Quinua Real which always extracts the drink from the whole grain and not from the flour, achieving greater flavor and purity. And from the reception of the raw material it is cared for till the last detail. We work with products of the highest quality coming from different parts of the world which offer the best flavor.
To produce the drink, the whole grain of both cereals are cooked separately then through a centrifugation process the maximum possible liquid is extracted out of each grain. Next all the ingredients are mixed and filtered to obtain a drink with a smooth and fine texture. Finally, the drink is sterilized for between 1 and 5 seconds at 140 -150° C, packaged in sterilized and aseptic tetra cartons and labeled and distributed as a gluten free beverage.
This is the method of how our Quinua Real beverages are made. Quinua Real drinks without gluten, colors or preservatives and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
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