04 February de 2014
Quinua Real: denomination of origin
Quinua Real or Royal Quinua is a variety found only in the areas around the Uyuni’s Salt Flats and Coipasa on the south of Bolivia, at altitudes above 3.600m. The methods used for the cultivation are the same that were used by the Incas for thousands of years. Soil preparation is fully manual, it’s fertilized with llama dung and pests are controlled using extracts of indigenous plants. The planting, harvesting, storage and milling of grain are also unique of the area.
Although several countries including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, France and England are producing quinoa, the Bolivian Quinua Real is the quinoa’s best quality variety with a unique flavour and texture. These singularities have allowed recently the CAN, Andean Community Nations, to recognize the Designation of Origin for this variety of quinoa. Therefore, the denomination of origin for Bolivian Quinua Real will have the same role as protections for French Champagne, Colombian coffee or Mexican tequila. In each of these cases, a denomination of origin certifies the geographical origin of products an the protection practices, processing and terroir of production.
2013: International Year of Quinoa
United Nations has every reason to dedicate the year 2013 to Royal Quinua. It has a high content of essential amino acids in its protein, and is considered the only food in the plant kingdom that provides all essential amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins. What’s more, quinoa is Gluten Free and, compared with other cereals, has a greater amount of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium, and not a quite important input of calories.

A Fair Trade project
All the products of our Quinua Real range have been elaborated with organic Royal Quinoa, fair trade and responsible of consumption. The association producing the Royal Quinoa is ANAPQUI, the National Association of Quinua Producers.
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