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Ice sandwich

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Picture from Emanuela Gornati


  1. Prepare the cream putting all the ingredients into a blender and triturate until the mix is very creamy and dense.
  2. Put part of the cream on the top of a maxi rice cake with quinoa.
  3. Cover it with another maxi cake as a sandwich and press slightly to distribute the cream evenly.
  4. Keep it inside the freezer while you prepare the cover.
  5. For the chocolate cover, first melt the coconut oil (bain-marie).
  6. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix them well to obtain an homogeneous liquid cream.
  7. Dip a part of the snadwiches with the chocolate cream and decorate them with the coconut nibs.
  8. Put the sandwiches on a tray, keep them in the freeser for at least 3-4 hours and enjoy them.



"Use this recipe for vegan snacks, with no sugar and gluten free, ideal for kids. You will need only 10 minutes to prepare the sandwiches, in addition to the time of refrigeration. The described quantities are for 4 sandwiches."

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