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3 ways to eat pasta

3 ways to eat pasta


Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of pasta?

Each pasta has some characteristics and combines perfectly with a type of sauce or dressing. If sauce has remained on the plate, it’s not appropriate for the pasta you just ate.

Long pasta: spaghetti

Long pastas need sauces that are less thick and with bits of filling. For example, a pesto with vegetables or an arrabiata pasta made with spicy oil and garlic.

Pasta arrabiata

 Hollow pasta: penne

Small pastas with holes and folds like penne need thick sauces. Like for example a tempeh bolognese or this pasta made with pumpkin sauce. Its holes favor absorption and they manage to give it a creamy touch.

Vegan pumkin pasta 


Pasta with folds: fusilli

Fusilli are an ideal pasta to put in salads accompanied with very light dressings. An example is this greek salad ideal to take away in a tupper. The shape of the fusilli is perfect for the ingredients to get stuck in their holes, so we recommend cutting the ingredients smaller than the pasta so that they can stay between them.

Greek pasta salad