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5 quick, easy and 100% plant-based picnic ideas.

5 quick, easy and 100% plant-based picnic ideas.

The sunny days begins and with them the desire to go outdoors. Sometimes it is difficult to find 100% plant-based ways to prepare our takeaway food. That is why today we propose 5 quick, easy and 100% vegetable picnic ideas. 


A very practical food for excursions or to go to the beach are sandwiches. Make delicious homemade burgers based on quinoa. We propose two very easy recipes.

We have mixed the quinoa with sweet potato to give it a compact texture, on the other hand we have also prepared a Burger with azukis to give the dough an extra creaminess. Combine them with a whole wheat bread and add the ingredients that you like the most to complement them. In the recipes we have proposed a few.


If we prefer to take the glass tuppers with us and have a quieter picnic, we recommend preparing a pasta salad. You can accompany it with seasonal vegetables and a tasty dressing. Make a rich Greek pasta salad with olives or a tasty multi-colored salad dressed with a rich vegan pesto.

The ideal option for those who prefer a lighter meal is to prepare a green salad with avocado sauce.

5 options perfectly adaptable to a family picnic, designed for an extra boost of energy.