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Creamy miso mushroom pasta

Creamy miso mushroom pasta

Creamy miso mushroom pasta

25 min Easy 2

200 g de Organic quinoa real & rice spaguettis

200 g Portobello mushrooms, cut into rough chunks

3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 tsp sherry vinegar, or white wine vinegar

150 ml quinoa rice drink

1 tbsp shiro miso paste

Salt & pepper to taste

Extra virgin olive oil

Finely sliced chives

Nutritional yeast

  1. Heat a large frying pan with olive oil. Sauté chopped mushrooms with a pinch of salt and pepper. After about 5 minutes, add in the garlic and cook for a couple minutes.
  2. Add a little sherry vinegar to the pan and toss well.
  3. Heat up the milk in the microwave, then add the miso paste and swirl around until the miso dissolves. Add it to the pan of mushrooms and cook until the sauce has thickened a bit.
  4. Meanwhile, cook the Organic quinoa real & rice spaguetis for 6-8 minutes in large saucepan of boiling, salted water with a dash of olive oil.
  5. Then add cooked pasta to the pan and toss to combine.
  6. Serve with finely sliced chives and nutritional yeast if desired.