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Top 5 Christmas recipes with royal quinoa

Top 5 Christmas recipes with royal quinoa

Christmas is near and that’s why we want to propose you 5 top recipes with royal quinoa to prepare these holidays. We’ve selected sweet and savoury recipes because royal quinoa and all its products are very versatile and can be easily adapted to any recipe.
3 Halloween desserts with royal quinoa

3 Halloween desserts with royal quinoa

We show you how to make 3 delicious desserts that are ideal to celebrate Halloween at home with your loved ones, creating delicious autumn recipes.

For them we have used products based on royal quinoa.

We want to give you more information about compostable packaging, its effects and its benefits and that’s why we’ve interviewed Roland Palacios Sánchez, president of COMPOSTCAT (Association of Composting Plants of Catalonia).


Do you feel bloated?

You need a natural detox.

A lack of physical exercise, along with the tendency to eat more than necessary

How should you combine the food in your diet to ensure that it is balanced and healthy? There are many doubts as to how a diet should be organised, and even more opinions and views on the matter.

Batch cooking is a new trend that entails cooking once a week to eat well every day.

Did you know that quinoa contains more proteins than a plate of rice with lentils?

Unlike any other cereal, quinoa provides all the essential amino acids that our body cannot produce, and that therefore depend on our diet.

Quinoa is very easy to cook. In 3 simple steps your quinoa will be perfectly cooked to add to your favourite dishes.