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10 healthy habits for everyday life

10 healthy habits for everyday life

Incorporating healthy habits, such as a balanced diet, exercise and rest, will result in an improvement to both our physical and mental health.

Is quinoa fattening? We debunk the myths and tell you the secrets about this pseudocereal so that you can incorporate it into your cooking.

We have prepared 5 quick recipes to have a breakfast in less than 50 minutes. Enjoy the morning with quality organic ingredients and fill yourself with energy.

Granola is a sweet way to start the day, but many of them have refined sugar, that's why our two granola options in addition to being a gluten-free option do not contain refined sugar and are sweetened only with rice syrup. Its appearance is reminiscent of home-made granola, but with a crunchier texture.

Here are 3 very useful ideas for the days when you have 5 minutes for breakfast.

Pasta is one of the most popular foods throughout the world, maybe because of our emotional attachment to the dishes cooked by our mothers and grandmothers at home.

It is loved both by those cooking it and those eating it. It combines well with many other foods and gives scope for a multitude of recipes.

However, many people have difficulty digesting pasta, and they easily become bloated, heavy or suffer digestive problems. In turn, regular and probably excessive consumption, alongside a sedentary lifestyle, is associated with being overweight.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of pasta?

Each pasta has some characteristics and combines perfectly with a type of sauce or dressing. If sauce has remained on the plate, it’s not appropriate for the pasta you just ate.

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