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The best way to eat pasta

The best way to eat pasta

Pasta is one of the most popular foods throughout the world, maybe because of our emotional attachment to the dishes cooked by our mothers and grandmothers at home.

It is loved both by those cooking it and those eating it. It combines well with many other foods and gives scope for a multitude of recipes.

However, many people have difficulty digesting pasta, and they easily become bloated, heavy or suffer digestive problems. In turn, regular and probably excessive consumption, alongside a sedentary lifestyle, is associated with being overweight.

Quinua Real has the solution with its line of gluten-free pastas made with rice flours and quinoa: fusilli, spaghetti and penne made with organic flours that, thanks to their nutritional composition, guarantee easy digestion and an intake of high-quality nutrients.

Let's take a look at the main differences compared to traditional pasta, and the advantages provided by Quinua Real.

Traditional pasta, made with wheat flour, water and salt, has a high gluten content, specifically between 80 % and 90 % of its protein content. Gluten is a difficult-to-digest protein and, even if you have no intolerance or sensitivity towards it, it can cause digestive problems, such as gas and bloating, among others.

Furthermore, gluten is a protein with a low nutritional value, and is not part of what are known as essential proteins for the body.

Quinua Real pastas are naturally gluten free, as they are made with rice flours and quinoa, both of which do not contain gluten. Instead, they contain essential proteins, necessary for the body in the formation of new proteins, thus making them the ideal food for athletes, children and pregnant women.

Quinua Real pasta aids digestion and helps to improve our intestinal flora thanks to its high fibre content, making it an ally in the prevention of digestive diseases.

It has a perfect balance of minerals, helping to regulate blood pressure and the health of our heart, making it suitable for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

Combined with vegetables and nuts, it provides all the nutrients necessary for a full and healthy meal.

So, how about some fusilli with vegetables and vegan pesto?