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Top 5 Christmas recipes with royal quinoa

Top 5 Christmas recipes with royal quinoa

Christmas is near and that’s why we want to propose you 5 top recipes with royal quinoa to prepare these holidays. We’ve selected sweet and savoury recipes because royal quinoa and all its products are very versatile and can be easily adapted to any recipe.


Appetizers with royal quinoa

Sushi with avocado and royal quinoa

Sushi is always a good idea. It’s an easy, fast dish that many like. In this case we’ve replaced rice with royal quinoa. Fill it with your favorite ingredients and prepare a tasty Asian appetizer for all kinds of celebrations.



The perfect vegan starter for this special day. Give an Asian touch to the table with this tasty appetizer. We’ve prepared some vegan gyozas with a tasty filling of royal quinoa and mushrooms.


Oriental gyozas with quinoa




At holiday’s tables, you can’t miss a dish to share. Neither hummus, nor guacamole, we believe that the classiest dish for these holidays is the Baba Ganoush. Rich creamy eggplant spice to dip with some Organic rice & quinoa real cakes. Are you up for the plan?


We can spend a very entertaining afternoon with the kids of the house creating delicious and beautiful Christmas ginger cookies. Prepare the molds that you like and create.


Christmas ginger cookies


Christmas’s morning can start very good with a good breakfast. We have thought that these yummy pancakes can be a good excuse to get up early on Christmas Day and give a surprise to children. Decorate with chocolate cream or compote.


Quinoa pancakes and chocolate cream

Even if this Christmas is different, keep yours close. Call them, make video calls, and set up an online Christmas for your whole family to be more present than ever. Don’t forget to prepare delicious and fun meals. We hope to see your result on Instagram, use #quinuarealchristmas to show us your creations.