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Cómo escoger un helado saludable

Cómo escoger un helado saludable

How to pick a healthy ice cream

What could be better than ice cream to cool off and cope with the summer heat? Ice, creamy, homemade, in a tub, in a cone... There are many types of ice cream and many flavours, but are they all healthy?

Different types of ice cream

Ice creams can be classified according to the amount of fat they contain and how they are made. Broadly speaking, there are two main groups. On the one hand, ice lollies. These are characterized by having very little fat. Their main ingredients are water and fruit. They are made from frozen fruit, which is crushed and flavoured with spices, aromatic plants or sweeteners to reduce its acidity (vanilla, mint, stevia...). When frozen, they crystallize, giving them their characteristic appearance.

On the other hand, there are creamy ice creams, which are distinguished by their smooth texture. These are made with a fat base (milk, yogurt, vegetable drinks) to which cream, coconut oil, cream cheese, cashew nuts or silken tofu are added to thicken and give them a fine consistency. The touch of flavour is added afterwards, whether it is fruit, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, nuts, cookie, among others.

Are they all the same, nutritionally speaking?

The answer is no. Like all foods, their nutritional quality has a lot to do with the ingredients they contain and their origin.

Something basic to look at is the label of the products, in case of buying them in stores and supermarkets. If we are looking for a healthy ice cream, it is essential to avoid those containing artificial ingredients, such as colorants, preservatives (distinguished by the nomenclature E-), added sugars and sweeteners such as glucose syrup or dextrose. It is also important to note the quantities in which they are present.

However, this can be a complicated task if we go to an ice cream shop. In this case, a good option is to choose a recognizable flavour that is familiar and reminiscent of real food. The garish colours are probably the result of the mixture of the artificial ingredients we have just mentioned.

Choose organic ice cream

Not all ice creams are the same, but this does not mean that there are no healthy ice creams. To ensure the shot we can always opt for organic ice cream. They are made with quality ingredients, which come from organic farming. Therefore, they have no added chemicals, palm oil or other artificial sugars. They are therefore a nutritious food.

Quinoa, also in the form of ice cream

It is well known that quinoa is a food with multiple health benefits, hence its growing popularity. In addition to being consumed as a grain or in the form of pasta or vegetable drink, it can also be eaten in the form of ice cream! So, there are no excuses to enjoy this superfood even in summer.

Quinua Real has created the first quinoa ice cream on the market that is 100% organic, certified gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Try the two available flavours: intense cocoa or creamy coconut, perfect to combine in desserts or to kill the craving on summer evenings.